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The worrying thing is that the prolonged search for a solution has led me to the conclusion that this problem occurred in 2013 with an update as well, indicating that they are indeed simply after our money without the common decency to pretend otherwise.When i plug in my key board and mouse on my desktop it wont work.I have a problem that occured after i put my PC into sleep mode over night.Sometimes the drivers stay lingering on your computer, long after the device is gone.As long as the computer recognizes it as a hub and has the proper drivers, it should work.I connected an mp3 player, and it recognises that it is connected.

I have tried installing more and more drivers, but this has not fixed it.

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As soon as that was finished, the message disappeared and the key was ejected.There should be no wiggle room, and the cord must have no kinks, cuts, or separation between the cable and its ends.

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Check to make sure the proper drivers for the phone are installed and working.

Therefore, the situation of the 2.0 ports remains the same: they work for my peripheral keyboard and mouse, but not for flash drives.USB is not working at all, power from the ports work, but data does not.Mac USB Ports Stopped Working? It’s Likely Easy to Fix. Then I restarted the Mac and check the broken USB port w mouse receiver and it was fixed.Thank you so much for supplying this information and in such a simplistic fashion.I have uninstalled all drivers, the laptop reinstalled them all again, but same result.

I have a emachine model#KAWF0 and both usb ports are broken, I wanted to use a pc card but I dont have a pc card slot, is there another alternative? btw.where.You can build on what you learned here and should be able to find the answer somewhere.About the SD and SDXC card slot on your Mac. Your computer recognizes a card inserted into the SD card slot as a USB storage device. You can mount,.However i know its connecting because my mouse has l.e.d.s and can only shine if its plugged into a power supply.Can USB ports wear out? Let say I use. but on occasion I do see usb ports that have broken solder joints on the motherboard and need reflowed to work again.You can read more about that in 15 CMD Commands Every Windows User Should Know.It might be possible that a Windows update was applied that changed the way your USB ports work.You may want to check out this article too - Update Windows Drivers For Free With IObit Driver Booster Beta.

I uninstalled and restarted, one doesnt work at all, and the other recognizes that i plugged something in but it says my device isnt working properly. i tried 4 different flash drives and it still doesnt work.However, USB devices are still on the rise in popularity and show no signs of slowing down.Then, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter to open the Device Manager.From uninstalling usb drivers to clean windows installation but still no luck.Hello Mr.Mcdowell i have a problem and i want share it with you and maybe you can help me.My USB ports are doing strange things, working one day then not the next one.

Hi. my HP pavilion15-n002sx laptop not working two left side usb ports. please help me to fix this problem.She says when she pulls the USB connector for the printer out and then puts it back in the USB port then it works, but otherwise the computer does not see the printer.Now I have followed your suggestions about registry key and it no longer even powers anything.That means that the USB device wants to draw more power from your laptop than it should.Scan for Hardware Changes Click on the Scan for hardware changes button in the toolbar.If nothing else I have learned one or two things by doing the tests you recommend.

It may render your computer useless and force you to take it to a technician.I thought at first my hard drive or cable must be faulty until I happened to try it out on another USB port.As more people are forced to give up Win 7 and give into Win 10 as a service, keep your eyes on the ads that Microsoft is priming the company to deliver on a non stop basis.I think she says she is running Win 7 but I cannot verify this.Now in the DM list, instead of saying Universal Serial Bus, it says: UNKNOWN.Uninstall of the controllers, reboot fixed. 3 USB ports back in action.I would warn anyone not to use these hints without understanding how to work through this problem.I forcibly removed my usb charger from the port and then all the five usb ports stopped working instantly.

You can disable the USB Selective Suspend Feature through a registry key.So I take it away and shot the USB 5V to the SATA 5V, which is highly not recommended.Just wanted you to know that I appreciate you taking the time to help out in this way and that you have made me a very much relieved and happy chappie.In Device Manager, you can uninstall and re-install drivers related to USB devices and the USB Host Controller.

I only recommend this for people who have fairly extensive experience with soldering components on a circuit board.Bluetooth, mouse, keyboards, older version of mobile phones (having USB 1.1 speed) are working properly at full speed.This is a good time to mention that if you ever feel the need to block your USB ports from working, there is a tool to help with that.Integrated webcam ( USB 2.0 speed), all external USB flash drives are working slow ( 1-2 kbps).Under the Universal Serial Bus controllers heading, you will right-click on the first USB Host Controller.An example: I will use the USB connection for my iPhone (or iPad) and sometimes it works just great.

Now that you know how to do that, look up how to install mouse drivers.USB devices stop working on this one computer far to often and there.

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Even then be prepared to supply drivers for what you have plugged in.I opened a command prompt and I entered the command (carefully proofread against your directions).the micro USB port has came loose and came out of the. Is there any way to charge my tablet without the micro USB port. the man couldn't repair the broken usb.This will force your computer to check all of your hardware again.i have broken usb ports on my laptop. what are my backup options? > Solved i have broken usb ports on my laptop. what are my backup options? Tags.So if your drives are externally powered, check their power sources.

This is seriously hampering my ability to get my vacation photos off a 3.0 flash drive, too.

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One quick but important thought about Windows 10 and usb problems.